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 Best Travel Insurance Policy

Best Travel Insurance Policy

As the name says, it is an insurance policy that becomes relevant during travel.  It is activated for covering the risks associated with travel.  Travel Insurance covers Accident and Health-related expenses, loss of valuables during travel – such as luggage, valet, etc., Flight Cancellations, delays, and unexpected hotel expenses, etc. Mainly this is connected with Air Travel.  The reason for the same is the distance, period, and risk involved.

Travel Insurance Policy

Premium of an air travel insurance policy

USD 20/- onwards.  A short distance, limited coverage air travel insurance policy is very much available at this price depending on the Airline, Distance, and Geographical area. It is minimal compared to the cost of tickets and expenses altogether.  Even though it is based on different aspects and scope of coverage, it will be much less than 15% of total travel cost generally.  It gives a psychological advantage due to the peace of mind it gives.  Almost all unexpected expenses are covered by an air travel insurance policy.

Premium Air Travel Insurance Policy

Things Not Covered in a Travel Insurance

A common type of Travel Insurance does not cover consequential losses such as loss of keys and loss due to delayed opening of vault or dwelling due to that.  Also, mobile phones and accessories, air tickets, passports, etc. are not covered.  Travelers must read and understand the details of the policy and consult an insurer if required before taking a policy to travel.

Travel Insurance

Best Travel Insurance Policy

Insurance companies that provide the best insurance policy are as follows based on customer feedback and evaluators:

  • Generali Insurance
  • Travelex
  • Allianz Travel
  • AIG Travel Guard
  • Axa Gulf

These insurers are better than others in different aspects.  Among these itself, all are No.1 in certain services.  As per the traveler’s requirement, one can decide whom to go with.

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