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 New Salama Pet Health Cover 2021

New Salama Pet Health Cover 2021

The new Salama Pet Health Cover 2021 is all about better treatment and the health of your pet.  More are and more pet owners are opting for insurance coverage for their beloved expensive pet with them irrespective of locality or country.  In UAE also, the trend is on.  More and more insurance companies are offering better and wider options in this field.  The latest news is the Salama Health Cover. 

New Salama Pet Health Cover 2021

New Salama Pet Health Cover 2021

The Insurance has many attractive points included in it.  The following are the main points:

Online Insurance: Nowadays, everything is on the internet and gadgets.  Pet Insurance is not an exception.  The policy can be attained with few clicks and minimal data input. 

Three Insurance Plans – Bronze, Silver & Gold:  The basic package is named Bronze.  Next is the Silver package and the high-end one Gold.  In the Silver and Gold packages, the Insurance company will bear an advertisement cost up to AED 750/- for finding out the missing pet.  Further, coverage of Euthanasia for a prolonged sick or unconscious dog in the Silver, Gold plans.  In the Gold package, preventive treatment is also included with a cap of AED 400/-

Direct Billing:  The main attraction is Direct Billing – no need to spend money first and submit bills for reimbursement on a later date.  There are ten veterinary clinics in the United Arab Emirates that accept the policy with the direct billing system.

80 percent Cost Covered:  Only a co-payment of 20% is required at these clinics as 80 percent of the treatment is covered by the insurance company.

Third-Party Coverage:  The unexpected and most expensive portion or risk factor in pet maintenance is the loss made by them to a third party.  The new Silver and Gold insurance plans will give a reprieve in this matter.  It has a coverage of up to AED 20,000/- for any kind of loss or expenses in connection with the pet insured.

To get the insurance policy, there are some preconditions that need to comply.

Eligibility Conditions of Getting Pet Insurance in the UAE

Eligibility Conditions of Getting Pet Insurance in the UAE

Legal Residency: The owner of the pet should be a legal resident of the country.  A Valid Emirates ID is required to get insurance for his or her pet.

Age Limit of Pet:  The minimum age of the pet should be Eight weeks.  The upper age limit is set at 10 years.  The insurance policy will automatically expire the day the pet crosses the 10-year-old mark.

Health Check:  The pet should be vaccinated as per the legal requirement of the country.  Also, the annual dental check-up needs to be carried out.

Tag:  The pet should have a microchip for recognition.

First Claim:  Even though the policy starts from day one of buying, in the case of a medical claim, the insurance must be at least 14 days old for normal illness coverage.  In case of an accident treatment, the policy should complete at least 48 hours.

Pre-existing illness:  Any kind of inherited illness is excluded from coverage.  Also, pre-existing sickness during the policy buying is not covered.

Coverage:  The policy covers nursing costs, consultation fees, examination charges, diagnostic costs, etc.

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